Data Protection Policy


  • We only collect personal or business specific information that we require to understand our client’s needs and advise or conduct business as required.
  • We will not disclose personal or business information to anyone unless we have our client’s consent or are required by law or public duty or have previously informed the requirement or have legitimate business purposes that require disclosure.
  • We may be required from time to time to disclose client personal information to Governmental or judicial bodies or agencies or our regulators, but we will only do so under proper authority.
  • We aim to keep corporate diligence material KYC personal information on our records accurate and up-to-date.
  • We maintain strict guidelines with regards unauthorised access/disclosure to personal information by anyone, including our staff.

Client Data Policy

Our Company Data Protection Policy refers to our commitment to treat all information of Clients, Business Partners employees, and other business or government correspondent parties with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Within our policy, we ensure that we gather, retain and handle data fairly, transparently and with respect towards individual rights. The staff of our company and its related group companies all follow this policy. This includes Contractors, consultants, partners and any other external entities. Generally, our policy refers to anyone we collaborate with or acts on our behalf and may need occasional access to business or personal data.

Policy elements

As part of our operations, we need to obtain and process information. This information may include business specific fiduciary information, business operational data and person(s) associated or identifiable such as names, addresses, Identity documents containing photographs, Tax ID numbers, etc.

Our company collects this information in a transparent way and only with the full cooperation and knowledge of interested parties. Upon obtaining information the following rules apply.

Data will be:

  • Maintained accurate and kept up-to-date in a secure working environment.
  • Collected diligently and for lawful and intended purposes only.
  • Processed by the company within its legal guidelines set out in accordance with governing ordinances/ regulations.
  • Protected against any unauthorized or illegal access by internal or external parties.

Our data will not be:

  • Used for any other purpose other than its intended use and shall not be shared, sold or communicated, or distributed to any party other than the ones agreed upon by the data’s owner except directed a by court order or governing laws.
  • Retain stored beyond its valid purpose of utilization, or beyond periods that may be stipulated in law.

Upon request we will:

  • Let people know which of their data is collected.
  • Inform people about how their data is to be used.
  • Inform who has access to their information.
  • Make provisions in cases of lost, corrupted or compromised data.
  • Allow people to request that we modify, erase, reduce or correct data contained in our records.

To exercise a maximum of protection we:

  • Restrict and monitor access to sensitive data ie., needs only basis.
  • Train employees in due diligence, KYC, privacy and security measures.
  • Maintain antivirus software.
  • Avoid making sensitive data available to online access.
  • Include contract clauses or communicate statements on how we handle data.
  • Establish data protection practices (document shredding, secure locks, data encryption, frequent backups, access authorization etc.).
Our data protection provisions will appear on our website(s) or be available on request.