Estate Management

This is a broad subject, but nevertheless one of extreme importance particularly to SRRV Retirees or Foreigners who find themselves residing in the Philippines through marriage.

It is often the case that foreign individuals who find themselves settling in the Philippines are in their middle age + bracket, and may have assets developed (foreign pensions, property, business interests, equities etc) and held in other places and which may have other would-be claimants such as children from former relationships, or other entitled parties- business or otherwise.

FIDCO has comprehensive capabilities to advise and provide legal structures including, Trusts & Trustees, holding companies, Nominee directorships etc., to protect and ensure appropriate management of our Client's affairs.

Trusts do not necessarily need to be formed in the Philippines to have governance of assets, but be also may be formed through our affiliated offices and under the Trust jurisdictions of Hong Kong, Samoa or St. Lucia.

Proper planning is wise, as beyond any expectation - circumstances can change and not always for the better, so planning and establishing wise provisions is infinitely sensible. Don't be a victim or the last one to know how, and to put in place protection of the things you have spent a lifetime building, let FIDCO undertake you Estate Management.