Payroll (Admin & Electronic Settlement)

Whilst the processes of payroll service are fundamentally the same, every organisation is different in terms of their requirements of detail and reporting. In some cases, our customers require us to have an involvement in HR functions as well as the processing of payroll. For example, the management of attendance, shift schedules, leave monitoring and all other employee details.

Payroll Services
  • Payroll computation
  • Bank file creation
  • Government remittance computation and payment
  • Final pay computation
  • CTC computations (fully loaded costs to company)
  • 13th Month and Tax annualization computation

FIDCO is an established service provider for Payroll processing of domestic and BPO Clients in the Philippines. Its professional team comprise Certified Public Accountants and Lawyers, providing mature experience in the handling of Payroll and related HR and tax filing matters.

Its operations facility in Quezon City is provided with redundant infrastructure such that internet service is provided by 3 independent telecom carriers. FIDCO has mature Banking relationships established for e-link auto payment systems. FIDCO uses proven software solutions to provide its services. The system enables employees to check their salary payments and other related information via a web portal that is both PC and mobile App based. As a service provider FIDCO can remove the responsibility from what otherwise would be internally resourced admin employees. With the number of public holidays in the Philippines there are real challenges with managing bi-monthly payroll on a timely basis. FIDCO takes on this responsibility enabling Clients to focus on their core business without the provision of costly administration overhead.